Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Peanut & Sesame Candy 花生芝麻糖

Finish cutting the candy in due time. The yield of one recipe.

Peanut & Sesame Candy 花生芝麻糖:


1) Roasted peanut 花生 (炒熟炒香或烘爐烤熟-去皮) : 150g
2) White Sesame (fried) 白芝麻 (炒熟) :20g
3) White Sesame (fried) 白芝麻 (炒熟) : 適量 (用於粘板上) :
4) Sugar白砂糖: 90g
5) Maltose 麥芽糖: 1 tablespoon/湯匙

Others : non stick cooking pan不粘底小鍋
cutting board approximately 30cm in diameter 粘板直徑約30cm
Sharp cleaver利刀一把
Non stick baking/wrapping paper (food grade) 烘烤或包食物用的不粘紙


1) prepare the cutting board and sesame as shown in photo/video clip. 準備粘板, 鋪一層芝麻於粘板上.

2) Cook the sugar with 1 tablespoon maltose with low to medium heat until the sugar dissolved (the syrup becomes light gold.) 把白砂糖及麥芽糖煮至糖完全溶化.( 此時糖漿呈淺金黃色)

3) Pour the mixture of peanut (150g) and sesame (20g) into the pan, using low heat, stir until the peanut/sesame are well coated with the syrup. 倒入花生、芝麻用小火拌勻混合物.

4) Remove from heat and pour the mixture onto the cutting board covered with sesame, put some sesame on top of the hot mixture, lay a piece of non stick paper on top, press the mixture with your palm or cleaver, then using a rolling pin roll the candy to a thin layer (refer photo for the thickness) 熄火, 倒花生、芝麻混合物於鋪了一層芝麻的粘板上, 再鋪一層芝麻, 蓋上紙, 用手或刀背壓平, 再用擀擀成薄片(厚度請參考圖片)

Note 提示:

1) If you don’t have a big tray to hold the cutting board, lay a big & clean paper or plastic underneath the cutting board to collect the fallen sesame when rolling the candy. 如果你沒有大盤子收集掉落下耒的芝麻, 請用大張清潔紙張或塑袋鋪於粘板下.

2) You need to roll and cut while the candy is hot, any delay will cause the candy to harden and become hard to process. 輾平和切的動作要快、適時, 太久的話它硬化了不容易做.

3) you need not grind the peanut when making the candy. 花生無需碾碎.

4) Do one recipe at a time, for easy processing, repeat the recipe if you want larger portion. This Chinese New Year my sister and I worked together and we spent less than two hours to finish 7 recipes with total of 150g X 7 =1050g (peanut)! 一次只做150g 的花生, 如有需要, 重復以上的步驟. 今年新年我和姐姐二個小時內做了七次共:150g X 7 =1050g!

5)Don’t worry about the leftover sesame, grind and sprinkle them on top of your salad or eat with your slices of bread! (Sesame is the food that we always eat at home, other than protein and good fatty acid, it also contains calcium!) 別擔心芝麻過剩,把剩下的芝麻磨碎了撤在沙拉上或夾在面包里吃吧!(芝麻是我們家最常吃的食物,除了蛋白質和良質脂肪酸,它還含有許多鈣質呢!)

Prepared by : Island Folk (Rachel Lee)

Friday, January 29, 2010

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Homesprouted soybean sprouts and homemade Acar (pickled and spiced vegetables)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bubur Ca Ca

Bubur Ca Ca, Ingredients : Yam, purple yam (紫山藥/紫番薯),bean (白眉豆), fresh corn, lotus seed, grilled peanut, coconut milk and banana plus raisin as natural source of sugar. So no refined sugar needed.